Toward the Rising Sun

If you’ve come to a crossroad and feel paralyzed by anxiety and uncertainty; if you want to determine the next step in your path; if you have endured losses and find yourself immersed in grief; if you are challenged by a need for change or need a new perspective on aging or illness; if you are longing for a more personal relationship with the Sacred—it is possible to access deeper openings within yourself that lead to wisdom, joy, and freedom.

I like to refer to the healing process that I engage with clients as Udayana Mandala Work because we human beings are like mandalas, with many different aspects that combine in beautiful and purposeful ways. As we begin to balance and integrate these various elements of self, we move toward the clarity of an inner sunrise or udayana


Much like ripples in a lake, the beautiful Sanskrit word udayana has layers of meaning beyond its essential definition—the rising sun. Just as the radiant disk of the morning sun on the horizon evokes universal feelings of hope, its symbolism suggests new beginnings, the dawn of a new day, or emerging potentials. The rising sun is also a mandala—a symbol of wholeness or the self. Udayana or sunrise captures all of these, bringing with it the fresh winds of dawn, the songs of birds, the dispersion of night’s mists and obscuring shadows. In dawn’s new light, everything looks different than it did hours or minutes before. 

Originally trained as a psychotherapist in the Jungian model—and as a seasoned traveler of life’s path—I offer my clients an intuitive and multi-faceted approach to psychological and transpersonal healing. Working one-on-one with clients in individual sessions, we enter into an exploration of what is possible for you in a process of personal growth, wellness, and self-discovery. With a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology, my approach to healing has been synthesized from the sources and methods that I have engaged and developed over a lifetime of experience:

  • transpersonal & archetypal psychology 

  • dreamwork  

  • breathwork 

  • body-mind awareness

  • letting go—the challenge of change

  • working with grief and loss

  • spirituality, creativity & personal growth

As we search for our place in an ever-expanding universe, time and technological advances fly past in a blur, many people feel overwhelmed with stress, while some grapple with depression, anxiety or feeling lost in the maze of daily circumstance. 

The human heart yearns for healing or breakthrough beyond the emotional or existential pain that can become our daily fare. Especially when life’s inevitable losses touch the core of our personal world, we may find that social customs and past sources of comfort no longer work for us. We know that the freedom of a greater life is possible, and the treasure we seek is there, but it must first come to light—like the early morning dawn emerging from the nighttime of our hidden potentials.


Mary Angelon Young, M.S. works individually with clients at 1680 Iron Springs Rd, Prescott, Arizona 86305. 
For more information or to schedule an appointment  onsite or online Mary can be contacted through this website. For more information Please keep reading…

Integrative Personal Healing

Udayana Mandala Work is an intuitive and integrative approach to healing—a way of seeing, of mining for gold in the raw ore of daily life to recover innate resources of creativity, clarity, peace, and acceptance that are underlying the distress or pain we experience.

Just as every person is a multifaceted mandala, which has its source in the deep self or true nature of the individual, so do each of us have aspects of personality that have been rejected and denied—splintered off and shunted into the unconscious. These unclaimed parts of ourselves, which Jung called “the shadow,” have both bright and dark elements. Building self-awareness and self-knowledge brings with it the healing power to let go of the past, habits, and lifestyles that cause pain. 

We are all unfolding “works in progress,” even when we feel the most stuck. Sometimes the experience of being blocked is the very impetus we need to catalyze a new forward movement. Udayana Mandala Work utilizes a range of healing techniques and processes to gain access to the deep self—we begin by paying attention to our dreams and their symbolic language. 


Innate wisdom reveals itself to us in many ways, but we often miss its cues or simply. On a day-to-day basis, the messages of dreams offer a window into our inner world, with its vast capacity for transformation. 

What sources and resources do you need for your own healing? What unique personal potentials are calling to you, asking to come forward at this time in your life? 

Because dreams are our personal window to the psyche or soul and its current needs, to answer these essential questions I often begin with dreamwork. Learning the symbolic language of the unconscious—a kind of “twilight language”—we unlock the secrets of dreams using the methods of Dr. Carl Jung combined with body-centered awareness and focused attention. You can discover what and how your unconscious mind is trying to guide you to cultivate the strength, capacity, and clarity you need to fully and fruitfully meet the challenges of life.

Mind-body awareness: the natural way

The deep self also speaks through our connection with the natural world, as well as through symptoms of the body in illness and the events that occur in our lives and for those around us. How do we learn to listen?

Working together, we explore the neuropsychological connection between mind and body to develop awareness and self-knowledge. Trusting in the wisdom of the body, we take the natural way. Another Sanskrit word of power and significance is sahaja—meaning all that is innate, natural, easeful, and spontaneous. It points toward relaxing into the simplicity and ease that opens us to inner wisdom. What is more natural and yet miraculous than the human body, with its capacity to function automatically to keep us alive?

The sages of India have advised for thousands of years that the relaxed and natural, human body is our primary source of wisdom and will guide us toward greater and greater awareness of our own place in the cosmos—after all, modern astrophysics teaches us that the organic constituents of our bodies are made of the stars! Through awareness of the body and its intimate collaboration with the mind, we begin to realize and participate in our connection with all of Life. 


Breathing is ever-present, and yet everyone is familiar with the tension, stress and underlying unconscious fears that cause us to hold back our breath. Many people live with a chronic sense of impending danger or dread, either by very real current circumstances or by the long-buried wounds of childhood. 

Often we don’t realize that we are in a state of mind-body stress—sometimes referred to as “fight or flight”—in which we hold our breath as a chronic pattern that effectively stops the flow of life force. Using simple techniques of breathwork and self awareness, we can begin to relax, let go and breathe, opening ourselves to an endless source of energy, life, and wellness. 


Dr. Carl Jung used “sand play” to connect with the nonlinear healing resources of the unconscious. Whenever he was beginning a new book project, before writing anything at all he would sit beside the vast lake at his country home on Lake Bollingen near Zurich and allow himself to become like a child playing in the sand. There he would sculpt the sand, draw pictures and build sand castles in a freeform flow of activity. Cultivating or relaxing into right-brain activity within a mood of innocence and spontaneity, he played in the sand, drawing and creating temporary worlds of beauty and meaning. 

Creativity is essential to our fulfillment as human beings. You may be saying, “I’m not a musician, a sculptor or fine artist, I have no creative outlet,” but real creativity is a way of being, a perspective on life—not a defined technical act set in stone or defined by culture and social norms. We can bring the essence of creativity to everything we do: our daily tasks, work of all kinds and, in particular, relationship with others.

Writing is one of the options of Udayana Mandala Work that is available to all. Creative writing may take the form of a personal journal, or it may be simply writing down snippets—or epics!— of reflections in which we engage with our inner world in a direct way. In this kind of writing we surprise ourselves—we find out what we actually know. Writing for your self can clarify and bring insight into deep questions; it can be educational and healing, and it can even lead to transformation and personal insights that are life changing in the best possible ways.  

Working with a coach or guide

Re-training ourselves to return to the natural rhythms of our own being requires an effort on our part, and yet we will also need to relax and let go! Because we have not been taught how to do this, many of us need a trained guide to accompany us, to lend assistance and education as we engage the healing powers that lay dormant within. 

My work with clients is very similar to that of a coach or guide who helps you recognize the wisdom in the patterns and events (and even the disasters!) of your unique journey through life—who you are, where you have come from and where you are going. My aim is to help you heal and let go of the past, make positive choices, and discover your own sense of self and your place on life’s path. 

Our work together is a creative collaboration in an integrative process of coming to know who you are through inner work and education; at the same time, it is a little like a dance of the seven veils—as you pay attention to the dance of life in and around you, you will catch peeks, glimpses, tastes, and delectable sips of the nectars and nurturing energies that are inherent in everything, including yourself.  Slowly these tastes of your own truth coalesce to form in a mandala of self-awareness.

Our existence as human beings is a journey in which we follow an invisible trail through the terrain of our lives—mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes, vast stretches and the inevitable crossroads, where we must make choices as to which way to go. Those choices can either slow down or accelerate our journey toward the mountaintop of self-awareness or self-realization, where the view is vast and awe-inspiring in all directions. 

The benevolent Intelligence of Life—however you may speak of it: God, Great Spirit, the Universe, Jesus, Allah, or Ram—is ever guiding each individual along a unique path in an ongoing awakening of the neglected, buffered, or hidden inner self. When we are faced with choices, how do we recognize the wise guidance that comes from within? At crucial points in our journey, an advocate or guide can help you stabilize, reorient, and access healing power to move in a positive direction—toward the rising sun of your particular situation.

Sessions with Mary Angelon are available at her office in Prescott, Arizona, at 1680 Iron Springs Road, by phone consultation, or online via Skype. For more information, please contact her through this website.