On the Ganges, January 2013

On the Ganges, January 2013

Callanish standing stones, Isle of Lewis, Scotland. Summer 2015

Callanish standing stones, Isle of Lewis, Scotland. Summer 2015

Mary Angelon Young, M.S.

I hope you’ll enjoy discovering this website, which offers a window on my ongoing personal journey—a “long and winding road” in which I’ve fully engaged the joys and sorrows of our shared human experience. For me, spiritual/psychological growth and the healing process is about cultivating self-awareness and accessing the innate wisdom (sometimes buried but still there!) that allows one’s daily life to move more freely in a positive and transformative direction. 

My perspective on the healing process is both eclectic and traditional; as a seasoned traveler of life’s path with a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology, I was originally trained in Jungian psychotherapy. I’ve taught courses on Jungian studies, dreamwork, mythology, and transpersonal psychology at Prescott College in Arizona and at Avalon Institute in Boulder, Colorado. 

My quest has included travel as a rich and deep school of life, in which I’ve made pilgrimages to the temples and sanctuaries of India and the great cathedrals, basilicas, shrines, and standing stones (dolmen, menirs) of Europe—especially in the Celtic world of Scotland, England, Ireland and Bretagne in France. Traveling has given me the opportunity to meet and study with many contemporary teachers and saints of different traditions; their extraordinary wisdom and presence continues to inspire me. 

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My approach to working with clients is grounded in the ideas and therapeutic processes of Dr. Carl Jung and archetypal psychology; we work with dreams, inner life, and becoming whole through the integration of life experience. At the same time, the process I share with my clients is empathetic and highly intuitive, tailored to meet individual needs within the framework of a holistic model. I’m often amazed by the encounter with discovery as we walk through doorways that exist (but are hard to see in the thick of everyday life and relationships) into a bigger view, a greater sense of purpose and peace. For more information, click here to go to “Toward the Rising Sun.”

One of the tools I use in the healing process is engaging with creativity. Experience has convinced me that creative expression of many kinds are virtual wellsprings of those universal energies that heal, uplift, and aid humankind in our effort to grow and evolve spiritually. My own creative passions include singing, playing piano, and perhaps most of all writing.


The wordsmith’s art has been an important way for me to “re-source”—to access deeply healing and wise parts of myself. In my workshops in the U.S. and Europe, I share my enthusiasm for this particular form of creativity, drawing on personal experience—seven published books of memoir, biography and Indian philosophy, as well as two children's books and a third (Amazing Animals) soon to be published. I love having the opportunity to encourage others to plunge fearlessly into writing as an essential tool for personal transformation.

For the past ten years I’ve individually coached and given extensive workshops on writing for healing and spiritual practice. My workshops include storytelling (retellings of the great world myths both East and West), singing sacred songs (bhajans) and mantra, and engaging with teachings from the bhakti and tantric traditions of India. Some of my workshops over the past few years have been (for more details click here):

  • Inner Path—the Way of Sahajiya 
    (Writing and Sacred Songs)
    A five-day retreat in La Drome, France,
    with friend and musician Marion Zammarchi

  • At the Heart of the Baul Way: Chanting & Writing
    Three-day retreat with Marion, Angles sur l’Anglin, France

  • Dream Yoga: The Path to Self Knowledge
    San Marcos School of Yoga, Texas

  • The Transforming Power of Myths and Stories
    Garden Street Yoga, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

  • The Divine Feminine
    San Marcos School of Yoga, Texas

  • Myths & Stories: How They Can Transform Us
    San Marcos School of Yoga, Texas

  • Meditation and Mantra
    Garden Street Yoga, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
    with Thomas Rafael Bormann.

  • Dream Yoga: The Path to Self Knowledge
    Freiburg, Germany

  • The Divine Feminine in Daily Life
    with Regina Sara Ryan, in Mexico City

  • Writing to the Heart of the Matter
    with Regina Sara Ryan, Prescott, Arizona

  • Igniting Creative Fires 
    Comreich Sanctuary, Argyall, Scotland, with Suekali Stubbs.

  • The Divine Feminine in Spiritual Practice
    Freiburg, Germany

  • Maturing in Wisdom & Grace 
    Spirituality for the Second Half of Life
    with Regina Sara Ryan, Prescott, Arizona

  • The Sahaj Path: the Natural Way of Transformation
    San Marcos School of Yoga, with Christina Sell, Austin, Texas

  • Cultivating Sanity and Sanctuary
    Comreich, Argyll, Scotland, with Sharana Lhaksham

  • On Cultivating Happiness
    With Sharana Lhaksham, Mexico City


A few years ago I began a foray into writing fiction, which soon became a consuming passion that came to life with a novel of historical fiction. Published in 2014, Krishna's Heretic Lovers is the true story of fourteenth century Bengali poet Chandidas and his lifetime, low-caste lover, Rami. It’s a great read, replete with ancient cultures, great characters and descriptions of nature, places, and people, love, sex, death, good guys and bad guys. I recommend it highly!

My ebook, On the Road to Enlightened Duality, combines spiritual adventuring, travel, and dharma in an original and unique literary offering. Under the Punnai Tree, my biography of the south Indian saint Yogi Ramsuratkumar, is a personal favorite. Traveling in India over the years I had the good fortune to meet and sit in the company of this revered sage many times between 1993 and 2001, when he passed into the “great bliss” or mahasamadhi. He continues to be a great inspiration in my life

A trilogy of historical fiction spanning over 1500 years at Glastonbury in the Summer Country of England—the mythic location of Avalon in the ancient Celtic world as well as the most sacred land in Britain where the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey and the Chalice Well can still be visited today—is my current work-in-progress. Also in the works: a volume of poetry. For more information on books, click here.


The panoramic display of Mother Nature—the awesome, wondrous beauty of planet Earth alive in a vast and teeming cosmos—never fails to teach and kindle a heartfelt gratitude for life’s many gifts. Living in the high desert mountains of Arizona, I’ve learned how to cherish the small things in life—the alchemy of sun and rain, the raw earth of dusty mountain paths that wind below the endless blue of vast skies, summer rainbows, the secret beauty of the desert. Often we human beings are like that—full of hidden treasures that can be discovered if we are willing to make the journey within. 

Nature has taught me much about beginnings and endings, and birth, growth, death and rebirth. The seasons themselves have something vital to tell us about the cycles and patterns of life. Sometimes it is in pure simplicity—finding the Sacred in the moment at hand—or in the greatest moment of travail and sorrow, like the forest fires that rage each year in the Southwest, when we have an unexpected and powerful unfolding of divine inspiration.