"Stories demand to be told, and great stories demand to be retold, generation by generation. Spiritual narratives like this one are retold by being relived: two lovers find one another in this world and throw themselves open to the divine, inviting the Immortal Beloveds to act through them and retell Their tale. Thanks to Mary Angelon Young, Chandidas and Rami live again to sing the glories of Krishna and Radha to a new audience. Victory to the Divine Couple!"

— Dr. Robert Svoboda author of Mysticism in the 21st Century, Aghora: At the Left Hand of God and Vastu: Breathing Life into Space among many others.

"Mysterious are the workings of bhava and rasa as they wind through the alluvial fan of the ever-shrinking world, especially with regard to the much-misunderstood path followed by the Bauls of Bengal, and the extraordinary cross-fertilization that has occurred after the fantabulously eccentric Lee Lozowick set out with his students to locate and interact with a living Baul lineage. In The Baul Tradition M. Young has documented this quest, and the fruitful collaborations that have grown from it, enhancing the tale immeasurably by setting the Bauls and their teachings in an appropriate historical and cultural context. A worthy contribution to Baul literature, the book excels both as an admirable introduction to the mechanics of the paths of both the Eastern and Western Bauls, and as a description of the nectar that emerges through the alchemical blending of the juices of those lineages, refined in the fires of sadhana. Rasikas who read it will even be able to taste the splendid flavor of the transcendent living rasa thus engendered; a fine achievement indeed. May that rasa long flow!"

—Dr. Robert Svoboda, author of Mysticism in the 21st Century, Aghora: At the Left Hand of God and Vastu: Breathing Life into Space among many others

"Mari Young's book on Baul is going to make a huge contribution to the Baul practice, giving a proper glimpse into the Baul world through a practitioner's eyes. Mari has spent more than twenty-five years studying about and practicing as a Baul. Its a different perspective than other books available today. And her knowledge is not limited to only the Baul path. She also understands so much about all of the traditions of the world, from both an anthropological perspective and a practitioner perspective. Mari's personal experience–in combination with her sincere scholarship and familiarity with many places and cultures around the world–make her perfectly suited to put this book in a very modern context. I'm certain everyone will enjoy it."

–Parvathy Baul, singer, painter and storyteller from West Bengal

"Baul arising in the West? Now we come to something not written about before, which makes M. Young's material a must-read for Baul enthusiasts. As the author begins to weave the well-documented tale of the first organized Baul sampradaya in the West, the reader will likely find themselves wearing a big grin as they learn how Baul practice and teaching has manifested for the emerging "new kids on the block" [the Western Baul tradition]. Every element of traditional Baul culture has its counterpart in the West, and I was enchanted to rediscover–through the eyes and scholarship of M. Young–all the practices and forms I had become so familiar with; the music and dance, bhavas and rasas, lifestyle and dharma.
       With M. Young's current work I feel and experience even more deeply the magnificent scope and enduring nature of this unique tree that yields such ambrosial fruit.
       Baul is not a religion–it is a direct relationship to Reality. Baul is alive and well and much older than many scholars have documented. It is a juicy story in the telling. Thank you M. Young!"

–Lalitha Thomas, teacher, author, herbalist and founder of Rasa Creek Sanctuary

"As you can tell by now, my writing style is a wandering, rambling (is that redundant?) caress across the page. As good fortune would, and has, had it, M. Young’s style is not at all like this. She has produced a number of books about this Path, including a truly wonderful and in-depth biography about my beloved Master, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, titled Under the Punnai Tree, so she is eminently qualified to handle the elucidation that you hold in your hands, or that rests on your lap or desk, as the case may be …
    Suffice it to say that whatever is of value herein is due entirely to the Benediction of Yogi Ramsuratkumar and with gratitude, certainly, to M. Young’s tireless efforts and language skills …"

— Lee Lozowick, from the Foreword to Volume I of his biography, Spiritual Slavery

"Open this book, read M. Young's inspiring text, feast your eyes on the dazzling color iconography (by artist Nara) and enjoy over 100 black-and-white photographs of sacred ink on skin. Take these images to heart, meditate on their classic beauty and ponder their profound meanings.
       The teachings of these spiritual masters, emphasizing love and compassion, will never go out of style. Neither will these ancient tattoo designs. If you're interested in tattooing's spiritual side, Agony & Alchemy will dazzle your eyes and open your heart. Ommmmmmmmm."

– Charles Gatewood for Skin & Ink magazine, August 2006