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Being True To Yourself ~ Bhakti Yoga in Theory & Practice

ALL LIFE IS YOGA.” – Sri Aurobindo

Being True To Yourself
Bhakti Yoga in Theory & Practice

Mary Angelon Young with Christina Sell

In a world of vast complexity and paradox, we are constantly challenged to be true to our individuality. It is the deep self that reveals the integrity and true heart of our humanity—but how do we gain and maintain access to that innate wisdom? Blending the ancient sahaja teachings of the Indian tradition with the work of transpersonal psychologist Carl Jung offers a unique doorway through which we may discover the mandala of wholeness within, which gives rise a richness of being, clarity, joy, and creativity.

Christina and Mary explore historical perspectives and direct experience of living vidyas (streams of knowledge) through asana, ritual, devotional chanting, archetypal symbols, writing, good company, and invocation of healing moods (rasa).

Christian Sell is an international yoga teacher and author of several books. Her workis renowned for the integrity she brings to the ancient roots of the yoga tradition translated into the West through her deep and active dedication to practice and scholarship. Her years of direct experience and practice on the mat are well-blended with a fresh and lively teaching style that has earned her the love and respect of countless yoga practitioners around the world.

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