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The Creative Life - A Singing & Writing Workshop w/ Mary Angelon Young and Marion Zammarchi

  • Location TBA Lyon France (map)

Singing and Writing ~ Art as inner Path

With Mari Angelon Young and Marion Zammarchi

Three days in the beautiful French countryside with seasoned writer Mary Angelon Young and musician Marion Zammarchi for a deep exploration of the creative impulse, cultivating relationship with the creative Muse through singing and writing. Come walk under talk green trees, swim or sit beside a beautiful river, and tap the wellspring of your true nature.

In India, Speech and Music are both represented by the goddess Saraswati. To write allows us to enter into a intimate relationship with our creativity, our Muse, and makes us realize our depth. To chant offers us a space in which to get in touch with the breath, the sound and the vibration of our body. As we harmonize our voices, the possibility is there for us to step out of the thinking world and come back into the heart.

By the unveiling of our true Nature, our wisdom, our deep Being, these 2 forms of art are 2 ways of inner transformation. Exploring both avenues, we will arrive back at the Source – for in most spiritual traditions, Sound (the Verb) is the source of the universe.

Chanting will make us travel through 3 colors from India :
- dhrupad chanting (the most ancient sacred musical style in North India)
- baul chanting (traditional chant from Bengal)
- mantras (ritual chanting in vedic priesthood).
Our time together will be interspersed with moments of sharing and play.

This workshop is for anyone wanting to discover or deepen their relationship with their voice and writing skill, in the holistic sense. You do not need to be committed to a writing practice or to know anything about music in order to attend and participate. These 3 days will be fully translated in English and French.

Mari Angelon Young is a writer, traveler, and long-time student of Baul master Lee Lozowick. An adventurer of the spiritual path for over forty-five years, former college teacher and psychotherapist, she is the author of eight books on spirituality and Indian philosophy.
Mari lives at Triveni Ashram in Arizona nine months a year and spends her summers teaching and traveling in Europe where she speaks on the bhakti and tantric teachings of India, the sacred feminine, mythology, and writing as transformational practice.

Marion Zammarchi is a singer and an art therapist with creative approach to healing and empowered expression through voice, song, and sacred language. Originally trained in classical violin, Marion’s traditional background has evolved over time into contemporary music and free improvisation. Walking on a spiritual path for twenty years, she studied song, ritual, and sacred chants with song masters and teachers : Ustad Sayeeduddin Dagar and Céline Wadier (the dhrupad songs of North India), Parvathy Baul (Baul songs of Bengal), Borys Cholewka (world songs and vedic songs), Hélène Marinetti (sanskrit and
mantra). She currently practices, sings, and resides in Lyon, France.

Date : August 25th (6:00 pm) through August 28th (4:00 pm)
Place : La Voix des Carpates 01450 BOLOZON
Fee : 300 €€ / 270 €€ for sign up before 30th of June
Lodging and food : 150 €€
Deposit for registration : 120 €€

It is possible to benefit from adapted price for the people In trouble financier.


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