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Art as Inner Path: The Way of Sahaja ~ Sadhana of Writing & Singing

  • Diva la Musica 12 Lise-Meitner-Straße Freiburg im Breisgau, BW, 79100 Germany (map)

A Workshop with Mary Angelon Young & Marion Zammarchi in Freiburg, Germany

In India, the magic of speech and music are the dominion of the goddess Saraswati.
In this unique workshop, these two ancient forms of creativity are blended to cultivate a direct experience of sahaja―the happiness and joy of our true nature.

Using the bhakti and tantric teachings of the Bauls and Sahajiyas of India, we will explore writing and singing from the heart to experience bhava and rasa (the taste of divine mood).

Taking the natural path of breath, sound and vibration, we relax the mind and come into the body, where the wisdom of the heart awaits. This is sahajiya, in which we come to know our own depths and the infinite energies of transformation that exist there.

Chanting will make us travel through 4 colors from India :
- bhajan and kirtan (devotional songs)
- baul chanting (traditional chant from Bengal)
- dhrupad chanting (the most ancient sacred musical style in North India)
- mantras (ritual chanting in vedic priesthood).

This workshop is for anyone wanting to discover or
holistically deepen their relationship with their voice and writing skill.

You do not need to be committed to a writing practice or to know
anything about music in order to attend and participate.

Date: from March 24th to 26th 2017 Timing : Friday 24th : 10am to 6pm
Saturday 25th : 9am to 5pm Sunday 26th : 9am to 4pm

Place: Diva la Musica
79100 Freiburg-Vauban

Financial participation: 280€€ / 460€€ for couple 240€€ for registration up to 31th of January

Deposit: 50€€ at the time of registration
◊ In case of cancellation up to six weeks before the seminar, the deposit will be refunded minus 30€€ processing fee.
◊ More information four weeks before the workshop starts.
◊ These 3 days will be fully translated in English and German.

Registration:•  +49 761 48 08 21 28


Mari Angelon Young is a writer, teacher, traveler, and Baul sadhika on the spiritual path for thirty years in the lineage of Baul Khepa Lee Lozowick and his master, Yogi Ramsuratkumar. A former psychotherapist in the field of Jungian psychology, since 1975 she has studied and traveled extensively in India, Europe and North America. She has published eight books including a biography of Yogi Ramsuratkumar and her most recent― a novel about 14th century Bengal Sahajiya poet, Chandidas.
     Mary Angelon’s workshops on writing, stories and myths, and dream yoga emphasize the teachings of bhakti and tantric traditions and explore the transformational potentials of creativity and innate happiness as essential elements of the spiritual path. When not “wandering” she lives at Triveni Ashram in the desert mountains of Arizona.

Marion Zammarchi is a singer and art-therapist with a creative approach to healing and empowered expression through voice, song, and the sacred language of Sanskrit. Her gift for teaching and helping others to “find their voice” and sing from the heart makes her workshops evocative and rich with spontaneous sacred spaces.
     Trained in classical violin from the age of four, Marion’s musical gifts have evolved into a passion for indian music and song, including the path of the Bauls of Bengal. For the past twenty years she has studied with numerous masters and teachers, including Ustad Sayeeduddin Dagar and Parvathy Baul. She resides in Lyon, France, and continues her spiritual path in the lineage of Khepa Lee Lozowick and Yogi Ramsuratkumar.