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The Creative Life—Writing & Singing as Spiritual Practice

August 25-28, 2016
Lyon, France

Mary Angelon Young and Marion Zammarchi

Three days in the beautiful French countryside with seasoned writer Mary Angelon Young and musician Marion Zammarchi for a deep exploration of the creative impulse, cultivating relationship with the creative Muse through singing and writing. Come walk under talk green trees, swim or sit beside a beautiful river, and tap the wellspring of your true nature.

Marion Zammarchi

Marion Zammarchi

Marion Zammarchi is an art therapist whose creative approach to healing and empowered expression through voice, song, and sacred language— with an emphasis on Sanskrit—is unique in the Western world today. Originally trained in classical violin, Marion’s traditional background has evolved into free improvisation that yields a deeply evocative and powerful performance repertoire.
       She studied song, ritual, and sacred chants with song master Borys Cholewka—including the sacred songs of India, Siberia, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Native Indian of the Americas, as well as the songs of Eastern Christianity—and the the dhrupad songs of India with Ustad Sayeeduddin Dagar of Paris. She currently practices, sings, and resides in Lyon, France.


Also in France 2016—

Seeking Beauty and Creating Sanctuary

July 2-3, 2016
Location TBA

Mary Angelon Young and Sharana Lhaksam

A weekend with Mary and Sharana.

Details to be announced